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dc.contributor.authorAdams, Anne
dc.descriptionChristian Cardell Corbet, a descendant of Guernsey, Channel Islands, was born in 1966 at Pickering Beach on Lake Ontario. He developed his talents as a landscape artist and at the young age of 14 he began his informal education in commercial signage from his paternal grandfather. He studied at the University of Guelph and McMaster University Anatomy Laboratory. Corbet traveled to England where he began to experiment more in abstraction and non-objective work. In 1995, he presented a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother at Clarence House. This brought his career to an international level. He also creates two-dimensional works and has received acclaim for his bronze art medallions. He has gained international recognition as a Forensic Artist working as Artist in Residence for the University of Western Ontario. He does facial reconstructions for special assignments. These original drawings relate to a sculpted medallion of Brock which was authorized by Sir Geoffrey Rowland, Bailiff, Guernsey, Channel Islands and Minister of Education of the States of Guernsey. This is the first time in known recorded history that a forensic analysis and sculpture has been created to accurately depict the facial likeness of Sir Isaac Brock. This project has been established to mark the 2012 anniversary of the death of Brock.en_US
dc.description.abstractA series of 8 sketches from the Sir Isaac Brock Facial Reconstruction Project - These include: Tracing of Gerrit Schipper miniature portrait The craniolateral view of average Caucasian male skull Craniolateral view of adjusted Caucasian skull to align with Schipper portrait Craniolateral view of average Caucasian male skull over Schipper portrait Craniolateral view of adjusted Caucasian skull over Schipper portrait Craniofrontal view of average Caucasian male skull Craniofrontal view unadjusted over craniofrontal and craniolateral adjusted views over Schipper portrait Craniofrontal view with adjustments to mandible. Proposed skull of Brock. A biographical page on Christian Cardell Corbet is also included.en_US
dc.subjectChristian Cordell Corbet -- Sir Isaac Brock -- facial reconstructionen_US
dc.titleSir Isaac Brock Facial Reconstruction Project, n.d.en_US

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