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  • Resilience in a Watershed Governance Context: A Primer 

    Krievins, Katrina; Baird, Julia; Plummer, Ryan; Brandes, Oliver; Curry, Allen; Imhof, Jack; Mitchell, Simon; Moore, Michele-Lee; Gerger Swartling, Åsa (2015-10)
    Watersheds are complex systems involving social, economic, and ecological dimensions that are constantly interacting and influencing each other, and governance of these systems involve a large and diverse cast of actors ...
  • Resilience: An Annotated Bibliography 

    Krievins, Katrina; Plummer, Ryan; Baird, Julia (2014-03-18)
    This annotated bibliography provides an account of the research that has been done on engineering resilience, ecological resilience, and social-ecological resilience. Undertaken as part of the WEPGN research project titled ...