These finding aids are meant to help researchers find information in the fond available at The Brock University Special Collections and Archives.

Recent Submissions

  • Horse Breeders Association of the County of Welland Letters Patent, 1882 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-05-16)
    Letters Patent of the Horse Breeders Association of the County of Welland. Consists of four pages attached by a blue paper seal with ribbons in the upper left corner. Founding members include Joseph Garner of Pelham; ...
  • Articles and Addresses by Adam Shortt, 1900-1931 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-05-16)
    A bound scrapbook with the title Articles and Addresses by Adam Shortt. The book is a compilation of publications, newspaper clippings, and journal articles written by or about Adam Shortt. An index in the front lists ...
  • N.R. [Newton Ross] Teeft account book, 1900-1903 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-05-16)
    An account book belonging to N.R. [Newton Ross] Teeft of Canboro. The first part of the book (pages 1-92) records expenses paid for drilling wells. Expenses were recorded for drilling in Caledonia, Dunnville, Forks Road, ...
  • Niagara Restoration Council fonds, 1989-2015, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-05-09)
    The fonds contains material related to the activities of the Niagara Restoration Council (NRC). Most of the material concerns projects that the NRC was involved with, including the removal of fish barriers; the Grassy ...
  • War of 1812 Newspaper Collection, 1800-1820 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-04-24)
    The collection contains American, British, and Canadian newspapers published around the time of the War of 1812. Many of the issues report on the events of the War. News items concerning events in the Niagara region have ...
  • Poster commemorating the Centenary of Isaac Brock’s Death 

    Adams, Anne (2018-04-11)
    44 cm. x 56 ½ cm. poster created to advertise the centenary exhibition at the Guille-Allès Library, St. Peter Port, Guernsey.
  • Niagara Falls from a Michigan Central Train 

    Adams, Anne (2012-04-06)
    One 45.72 cm. x 70.5 cm. colour lithograph print from a painting by Charles Graham.
  • Great Western Railway Map, 1881 

    Adams, Anne (2018-04-04)
    One 40 cm. x 61 cm. map of the line from Detroit to Boston
  • William H.N. Hull Fonds, 1955-1995, n.d. (non-inclusive) 

    Adams, Anne (2018-03-29)
    The textual materials of the William H.N. Hull fonds include correspondence, clerical records, and writings by Dr. Hull
  • The Great Fall of Niagara 

    Adams, Anne (2018-03-28)
    1 1 coloured print of Niagara Falls. This is no. 7 of Morgan’s Improved Protean Scenery entitled The Great Fall of Niagara.
  • Alexander Hamilton Fonds 

    Adams, Anne (2018-03-28)
    The Alexander Hamilton fonds includes items which document the business and activities of Alexander Hamilton.
  • A. Winifred Sankey Collection, 1948-1992, n.d. 

    Adams, Anne (2018-03-14)
    Materials of the A. Winifred Sankey Collection fonds includes clerical records, photographs, clippings and various other materials that document the activities of the St. Catharines Civic Orchestra/Niagara Symphony ...
  • New England and Canadian Trip, 1952 

    Adams, Anne (2018-02-13)
    This is a combined journal and photograph album of a trip that was taken through New England and Canada from September 8 to September 21, 1952. The journal consists of 10 original typewritten pages and eighty one 8 ½ x 9 ...
  • Eye Witness Account of the Death of Tecumseh by Captain Andrew Johnson, 1842 

    Adams, Anne (2018-02-06)
    One 6 page letter signed by Captain Andrew Johnson in which he presents an eye witness account of the death of Tecumseh at the hands of Colonel Richard Johnson at the Battle of the Thames on October 5, 1813.
  • John Guay Brock University Photos 

    Adams, Anne (2018-01-15)
    17 coloured photographs
  • Canada Post Office Documents, 1833, 1835, n.d. 

    Adams, Anne (2018-01-15)
    One 9 ½ page booklet of typed instructions to a Deputy Post Master in Canada. The size is 28 cm x 17 cm. One 3 ½ page contract (typewritten including annotations) for transporting His Majesty’s Mails. The size is 31 cm. ...
  • Niagara Military Museum collection, 2009, 2017 

    Adams, Anne (2018-01-09)
    One book and 4 flyers pertaining to the Niagara Military Museum
  • Janet Carnochan letter, 1914 

    Adams, Anne (2018-01-09)
    One 3 ½ page handwritten letter to Canon Ker from Janet Carnochan.
  • Niagara Falls and Montreal photos, [1870-1880] 

    Adams, Anne (2018-01-09)
    5 sepia photographs of Niagara Falls and 3 sepia photographs of Montreal. All photos are mounted on 28.5 x 23 cm. ivory cardstock.
  • Jean Lussier Collection, 1928, 1930, n.d. 

    Adams, Anne (2018-01-09)
    Two copies of a sepia postcard showing Jean Lussier exiting from the 6 foot rubber ball which was lined with oxygen tubes. He rode the ball over the Horseshoe Falls on July 4, 1928. He is shown here being assisted out of ...

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