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Recent Submissions

  • Matthew-Tran Adams Stamford and Niagara Falls Collection 

    Adams, Anne (2019-05-15)
    Booklets, clippings, postcards, crests and photographs regarding Stamford, Ontario and Niagara Falls, Ontario.
  • Women’s Art Association of Hamilton fonds, 1951-1963, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2019-05-07)
    Fonds contains material related to the activities of the Women’s Art Association of Hamilton. This group was also known as the Women’s Committee of the Art Gallery of Hamilton or the Women’s Art Association of Canada, ...
  • Thorold Horticultural Society fonds, 1929-1988, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2019-05-07)
    Fonds contains material about the activities of the Thorold Horticultural Society. Most of the materials consist of minute books, financial records, and horticultural show programs. Some material concerning Canadian ...
  • Shirley Carr fonds, 1969-2000 

    Cameron, Chantal (2019-04-05)
    The fonds consists of material related to Shirley Carr’s work as President of the Canadian Labour Congress from 1986 to 1992. Materials include minutes, correspondence, presentations, notes, addresses, and reports. ...
  • Niagara Periodical Collection, 1828-2004 

    Cameron, Chantal (2019-03-29)
    The collection consists of periodical articles related to the Niagara Region. Articles are sorted by subject into nine broad categories: History; Industry, Business and Public Services; People; Places; Science, Geography ...
  • Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society (PALS) fonds 1981-2018, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2019-01-22)
    Fonds contains material about the activities of the Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society (PALS). Most of the material concerns Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, and Niagara-on-the-Lake. A significant portion of the material ...
  • Chippawa Presbyterian Church collection, 1971-2004, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2019-01-02)
    The collection contains three church year books, a church program, a news clipping, and a list of reasons for up-to-date Christian education facilities. The year books contain photographs of members, as well as a directory ...
  • Circular to Collectors from the United States Treasury Department, Comptroller’s Office, October 7, 1812. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-20)
    A circular to American customs officers reminding them to be especially vigilant in preventing American ships from trading provisions to the British in any of the ports of Upper and Lower Canada, New Brunswick and Nova ...
  • Wright family photo album, ca. 1925-1945 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-20)
    A photo album belonging to the Wright family of St. Catharines, ca. 1925- 1945. Most of the photographs are of daughter Briar (Bri) and her friends. Many pictures were taken at an Algonquin summer school for girls, Camp ...
  • Miriam Currie’s Photo Album of Mississauga Beach, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 1920-1938. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-20)
    An album of photographs taken at Mississauga Beach, Niagara-on-the-Lake. The album belonged to Miriam Currie. The photos are dated from 1920 to 1938. The album contains 125 photographs, mostly featuring members of the ...
  • Blueprints for Municipal Arena, City of St. Catharines, 1938. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-19)
    A set of blueprints for the Garden City hockey arena in the City of St. Catharines, 1938. There are 10 pages of blueprints which provide detailed plans for ticket booths; north, south, west and east exteriors; main doors; ...
  • Land deed between Daniel de Lisle Brock, John Savery Brock, Irving Brock and Sarah Maria Brock, May 12, 1837. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-19)
    A land deed between Daniel de Lisle Brock, John Savery Brock, Irving Brock, and Sarah Maria Brock. Daniel, John and Irving were brothers of Sir Isaac Brock. Sarah Maria Brock was the widow of Isaac’s brother William. ...
  • Richard Leonard land grant, 1818 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-18)
    A military land grant for Richard Leonard of Stamford Township, a Major of the 104th Regiment. The grant is for 200 acres in the Township of Sidney, County of Hastings, Midland District, and is dated September 25, 1818. ...
  • Map of the City of Niagara Falls, N.Y., n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-18)
    A map of the City of Niagara Falls, New York. There is no date on the map. Includes street names; Hyde Park; Lehigh Valley R.R. Yards; N.Y.C.R.R. Yards; cemeteries; canals; and the international boundary in the Niagara ...
  • International Bridge Plan of Location and of Lines connecting it with the Grand Trunk and New York Central Railways, July 1870 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-18)
    A plan of the International Bridge over the Niagara River showing the location and lines connecting it with the Grand Trunk and New York Central Railways. The plan is signed by the Chief Engineer of the International ...
  • Burwell-Clark-Glenny Family Fonds, 1817-1878, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-14)
    Fonds consists of materials relating to the Burwell, Clark and Glenny families of Buffalo, New York. Most of the material is correspondence, with some land documents, manuscripts and genealogical information. One of the ...
  • William Henry Nelles Hull Family Fonds, 1794-2013, n.d. (non-inclusive) 

    Adams, Anne (2018-12-03)
    A history of the Drope, Hull and Nelles Families. This includes the history of Lake Lodge School in Grimsby, Ontario and the career of William John Drope as a Grand Master.
  • Bradt family fonds, 1796-1976 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-11-28)
    Fonds contains material about the Bradt and Hansler families. The Bradt family were United Empire Loyalists from the Mohawk River Valley of New York State who settled in the Niagara peninsula. Material concerning the ...
  • Lachlan McCallum fonds, 1862-1948, n.d 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-11-27)
    Fonds contains material related to the activities of Lachlan McCallum, a Canadian politician from 1867 to 1903. Materials include professional correspondence, including numerous letters to and from Prime Minister John A. ...
  • Postcard with Swastika and 4 Local Postcards 

    Adams, Anne (2018-11-01)
    14 cm. x 9 cm. coloured postcard.

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