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  • American Mercury, 16 August 1814 (vol. 31, 1572) - Newspaper 

    Babcock, Elisha (1814-08-16)
    Contains two letters by Maj.-Gen. Brown to the Secretary of War, written shortly before the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, dated July 22 and July 25, 1814. Also contains a letter from L. Austin, A.D. Camp of Gen. Brown. The ...
  • The American Mercury, 2 August 1814 (vol. 30, no. 1570) 

    Babcock, Elisha (1814-08-02)
    Contains a detailed account of the Battle of Chippawa in a letter from Maj.- Gen. Brown to the Secretary of War, dated 7 July 1814. This is followed by a return of the killed, wounded and prisoners of the British, and a ...