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  • Elmiladi, Nouri Mokhtar. (Brock University, 1991-07-09)
    We have calculated the equation of state and the various thermodynamic properties of monatomic fcc crystals by minimizing the Helmholtz free energy derived in the high temperature limit for the quasiharmonic theory, QH, ...
  • Baskin, Katarin Alinta (Brock University, 1996-07-09)
    A system comprised of a Martin-Puplett type polarizing interferometer and a Helium-3 cryostat was developed to study the transmission of materials in the very-far-infrared region of the spectrum. This region is of ...
  • Martin, Jeffrey Howard. (Brock University, 1990-07-09)
    A general derivation of the anharmonic coefficients for a periodic lattice invoking the special case of the central force interaction is presented. All of the contributions to mean square displacement (MSD) to order 14 ...
  • Ran, Wenqi. (Brock University, 2006-06-04)
    We study the ultrasonic attenuation in layered superconductors using the Green's function formalism. General expressions are derived analytically and then calculated numerically by taking the nearest and next-nearest ...
  • Dobos, Andrej. (Brock University, 1994-07-09)
    A new approach to treating large Z systems by quantum Monte Carlo has been developed. It naturally leads to notion of the 'valence energy'. Possibilities of the new approach has been explored by optimizing the wave ...
  • Elyaseery, Ibrahim S. (Brock University, 1991-07-09)
    Using the energy dispersive x ...ray diffraction (EDXD) technique, the room temperature diffraction pattern of Al powder was obtained at diffraction angles ~ 30° and 50°. From the small angle diffraction pattern the ...
  • Razavi, Panteha. (Brock University, 2009-01-28)
    This thesis applies x-ray diffraction to measure he membrane structure of lipopolysaccharides and to develop a better model of a LPS bacterial melilbrane that can be used for biophysical research on antibiotics that ...

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