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Trilobites of the Upper Cambrian (Marjuman) Pika formation of the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

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Show simple item record Melzak, Adam. en_US 2009-07-09T18:54:42Z 2009-07-09T18:54:42Z 1993-07-09T18:54:42Z
dc.description.abstract The Upper Cambrian Pika Formation in the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains forms a complete lithologic Grand Cycle. The overall pattern of deposition is one of shallowing upwards from a subtidal, muddy, storm-influenced basin to a shallow carbonate bank. The Pika passes gradationally into the overlying inter- to supratidal siliciclastics of the Arctomys Formation. This transition probably reflects a fall in relative sea level. 2 Twenty seven collections from three sections yielded trilobites. The faunas are assigned to two low-diversity biofacies: the Marjumia - Spencella Biofacies and the GZyphaspis - menomoniid Biofacies. In contrast to biofacies of deeper, open-shelf environments, such as the Wheeler and Marjum formations of Utah, the Pika biofacies lack agnostid trilobites. Consequently, agnostid-based zonations defined elsewhere in North America cannot be applied to the Pika and a new sequence of three zones and one informal fauna is proposed for use in inner shelf facies. Eleven species belonging to six genera are described and illustrated. The species Marjumia bagginsi is new. Other genera present are: Bolaspidella, Knechtelia, GZyphaspis and Spencella, in addition to a number of indeterminate forms en_US
dc.language.iso eng en_US
dc.publisher Brock University en_US
dc.subject Trilobites--Canadian Rockies (B.C. and Alta.) en_US
dc.subject Pikas--Canadian Rockies (B.C. and Alta.) en_US
dc.subject Paleontology--Canadian Rockies (B.C. and Alta.) en_US
dc.subject Paleontology|yCambrian. en_US
dc.title Trilobites of the Upper Cambrian (Marjuman) Pika formation of the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains en_US
dc.type Electronic Thesis or Dissertation en_US M.Sc. Earth Sciences en_US Masters en_US
dc.contributor.department Department of Earth Sciences en_US Faculty of Mathematics and Science en_US

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