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dc.description.abstractAn issue of the St. Catharines Constitutional 1 July 1869. Included in this issue: Connor (To the memory of Patrick Connor), Ministers' Salaries, The Work of the Session, The New Regent of Spain, The new Registration Act, The Royal Canadian Bank, Baggage Arrangement on the Pacific Railroad, Emigration Talk, Twelve Men Poisoned, The Ontario Rifle Match - Alleged Infraction of Rules, The Suez Canal, The Pope Delivered an Allocution at Rome, A Costly Mistake, The Ocean National Bank, The Masonic Grand Lodge New York city, News of the Week, Dominion Day, The Ontario Rifle Match, St. John's Day, The Horticultural Exhibition, Fire, Strawberry Festival, Immigration Clubs, Agriculture and Horticulture - The Farmer's Luxuries, How to Ripen Tomatoes Early, Canning Fruit, To Make Cows Give Milk, Advertisements.en_US
dc.titleSt. Catharines Constitutional, Vol. XX, No. 26, 1 July 1869en_US

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