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dc.description.abstractAn issue of the St. Catharines Constitutional 24 June 1869. Included in this issue: Singular Scene at a New Orleans Wedding, Adventure in the Astor House, The Royal Canadian Bank, Fenian Movement in Cork, Dominion Parliament, Destructive Fire at Brantford, Close of the Session, Justice at Last, Melancholy Suicide, Desperate Affray on Board a Vessel, The Clifford Case, Louth Vigilance Society, Masonic, The Lady's Friend, St. George's Lodge No. 15, Serious Accident, Criminal Assault, Change of Business (Dry Goods), Coming (Stephenson House), Horticultural Society, Strawberry Festival, The Late Richard Johns - Coroner's Inquest, St. Catharines Market, Advertisements, The Time to Farm, Seasonable Hints to Fancy Farmers, Crumbs for all kinds of Chickens, The Merchants' Protective Union.en_US
dc.titleSt. Catharines Constitutional, Vol. XX, No. 25, 24 June 1869en_US

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