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  • Letter to Frank Hull, 28 April 

    Unknown author (04-28)
    A letter with an accompanying photograph. The letter is simply dated Saturday April 28, year unknown, and is signed "Jim". The letter indicates that the following individuals are included in the photograph: Stuart Bruce, ...
  • Photograph - Drope Children 

    Unknown author (1903)
    A photograph of the Drope children (Harold, Gordon, Gladys) ca. 1903.
  • Photograph - Edward and Gladys Hull 

    Unknown author (1925)
    A wedding photograph of Edward and Gladys Hull, 1925.
  • Photograph - Gordon, William, and Harold Drope 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A copy of a photograph showing (from left to right) Gordon, William and Harold Drope. William Drope is seated in the centre with the boys standing on either side of him.
  • Photograph - J.W. Drope 

    Unknown author (1889)
    A photograph of J. W. "Will" Drope, Class of 1889, Victoria College. There is a note on the photograph that reads "Uncle Will, mothers brother"
  • Photograph - Julia Lillian Drope 

    Unknown author (1934)
    A photograph of a group of young children surrounding Julia Lillian Nelles Drope. The reverse of the photograph is stamped "The New enameloid deckled print by July 26, 1934. The Chicago Postal Photo Supplies Regina, Sask."
  • Photograph - Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (large group) 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A large group photograph of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry.
  • Photograph - William John Drope, 1921 

    Unknown author (1921)
    A photograph of William John Drope in robe. The reverse of the photo reads "Principal Drope at the end of June 1921 (as seen in the Lake Lodge Record - midsummer 1921).