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  • Notebook of Elizabeth Hansler 

    Hansler, Elizabeth
    Notebook kept by Elizabeth Hansler (1817-1889) when young. She later married Thomas Bradt (1810-1885). Some of the entries contain the cost of items purchased, such as shoes, bonnets, gloves, silk, cotton and wool. A ...
  • Notebook of family records belonging to Mercy J. Dunn 

    Dunn, Mercy J. (1918)
    Notebook of family records belonging to Mercy J. Dunn, Hagersville, March 11, 1918. A record of the Bradt family, including dates of birth, death and marriages, as well as some biographical information. A family record ...
  • Notebook of Mercie Bradt 

    Bradt, Mercie (1858)
    Notebook belonging to Mercie Bradt, Wainfleet, C.W. Sept. 13, 1858. The notebook contains expressions, poems and sketches.
  • Pretty Poems Children's Book 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A very small book of “pretty poems” featuring black and white illustrations.