The Bradt family came to the Niagara peninsula from Schenectady, New York as United Empire Loyalists. Arent A. Bradt (1732-1796) and his wife Eva Van Antwerp came to Canada with their children, settling in present-day Niagara-on-the-Lake around 1784. This move coincided with the disbandment of Butler’s Rangers, a Loyalist military unit founded by John Butler during the American Revolutionary War. The Butler and Bradt families both came to Canada from Schenectady. John Butler was married to Arent Bradt’s sister Catherine. Both families were granted land in the Niagara peninsula by the Crown for their loyalty.

Arent and Eva Bradt brought their five children with them, including Andrew (1755-1830), Margaret (b. 1758), John (1761-1828), Roger (b. 1765) and Peter (1767-1824). Andrew and John Bradt both served in Butler’s Rangers, Andrew as a Captain and John as a Lieutenant. Peter Bradt was the youngest member of the family, being 18 when his family came to Niagara. In 1792 he married Mercy Burtch. They settled on a farm near St. Catharines, and had twelve children between 1793 and 1818. Their son Thomas married Elizabeth Hansler. They had five children, including Mercy J. Bradt (Dunn).

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Recent Submissions

  • Pretty Poems Children's Book 

    Unknown author (1900)
    A very small book of “pretty poems” featuring black and white illustrations.
  • Album of Bradt Family hair 

    Bradt (Hansler), Elizabeth; Dunn, Mercy J. (1843-1976)
    Album, 1843-1976. An album containing locks of hair of Bradt family members. The album was started by Elizabeth (Hansler) Bradt in 1843, then continued by her daughter Mercy J. Dunn, in 1899. Each lock of hair contains ...
  • Letters written by Mercy Jane Bradt to her parents, 1856 

    Bradt, Mercy Jane (1856)
    Letters written by Mercy Jane Bradt to her parents, 1856. The letters were sent from the Williamsville Classical Institute, and dated January 29, September 18, and October 21. Transcriptions of the letters are included, ...
  • Letter written by Stephen Durell to his sister Mercy Bradt, dated 5 August 1825 

    Durell, Stephen (1825-08-05)
    Letter written by Stephen Durell, Vincennes, Indiana, to his sister Mercy Bradt, Niagara, Crookses [postmaster] Post Office in Newark, dated August 5, 1825. Durell writes about conditions on his farm, family members, and ...
  • Letter written by S. Durell to Peter Bradt, 15 January 1820. 

    Durell, S. (1820-01-15)
    Letter written by S. Durell, Knox County, Indiana, to Peter Bradt, Sixteen Mile Creek, Crookes [postmaster] Fort George, dated January 15, 1820. The last page of the letter contains messages written by Edee Durell and ...
  • Account book, 1796 

    Hansler, George (1796)
    Account book, 1796. The cover reads “Fonthill--Hansler Great Grandfather’s account book, 1796, Andrew Hansler”. The book likely belonged to Andrew’s father George (1756-1831), as Andrew Hansler was only six years old at ...

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