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  • Hermes Club Program, Invitation and Article, March 1940 

    Unknown author (1940-03-05)
    There is an invitation/advertisement for the concert of Harold Bradley on March 5th, 1940 St. Patrick's Hall in Niagara Falls. Also included is a program and a newspaper article describing the evening in March. The article ...
  • Letter - Isidor Philipp to Grace Barnes, 1957 

    Philipp, Isidor (1957-12-22)
    A letter to Grace Barnes from Isidor Philipp. In the letter Philipp discusses a student coming from Hungary, "It is excellent for Harold to have an interesting pupil coming from Hungary from where many talented are coming ...
  • Letter - Isidor Philipp to Harold Bradley, 1954 

    Philipp, Isidor (1954)
    A letter from Isidor Philipp to Harold Bradley. The letter includes condolences to Bradley who had recently lost his father.
  • Locations of the Bradley Institute 

    Barnes, Grace (n.d.)
    A summary of the several moves of the Bradley Institute, beginning with Bradley's teaching from his parents home on Victoria Avenue in Niagara Falls, to there final destination 4687 Queen Street, Niagara Falls.
  • Manuscript - "I began University at the age of Sixteen" 

    Bradley, Harold (n.d.)
    The manuscript focuses on the early University education of Harold Bradley. It discusses his time studying with Isidor Philipp and the many other influences in his early music education. He remarks on the connection ...
  • Manuscript - "The Association of Science" 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A manuscript describing the relationship between "science, medicine, psychology, philosophy and education, with music". The paper discusses a new method to musical education: "By 1935 the piano program had reached a stage ...
  • Manuscript - For Parents "The Evil of Music Lessons" 

    Bradley, Harold (n.d.)
    A manuscript by Harold Bradley that discusses the types of musical education and focuses on the practice of having children take music lessons. For example, Bradley states "You do not want your child to be a musician. ...
  • Manuscript - PreSchool Program 

    Barnes, Grace (n.d.)
    The manuscript discusses the development of preschool programs at the Bradley Institute. Barnes mentions "The child up to the age of five and a half years lives in world of sound, and the sensitivity of all children to ...
  • Manuscript - The Pre-School Age Child 

    Bradley, Harold (n.d.)
    The manuscript discusses the program offered at the Bradley Institute for young children. The manuscript reads: "The child comes into the world compounded of the softest, most malleable of materials physical, mental, and ...
  • Musical Truth - A Heritage of Artistic Integrity 

    Bradley, Harold (n.d.)
    A handwritten document outlining the "story of the Bradley Organization" and "the story of the history of music teaching, which, for practical purposes, began with Frederic Chopin who deeded this legacy to his pupil Mathias, ...
  • Notes - Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited 

    Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited (n.d.)
    Notes about the Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited and its methods. The memo mentions "After nearly half a century a work such as this is recognized as being unique and authorities in many fields are ...
  • Notice for 65th Anniversary, 1995 

    Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited (1995-08)
    A notice for a reunion of former students and parents for the 65th anniversary of the Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited.
  • Pamphlet - Bradley Organization: Specialists in Music Education 

    Bradley Organization (n.d.)
    A pamphlet for the Bradley Organization. The Advisory Board is listed as: Norman R. Gibson, Richard L. Hearn, W. S. Martin, Howard T. Saperston. There is also a list of Directors: Harold Bradley, John Corigliano, Grace ...
  • Photograph - Harold Bradley 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of Harold Bradley.
  • Photograph - Isidor Philipp and Harold Bradley 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of Harold Bradley and Isidor Philipp.
  • Photograph - Isidor Philipp and Harold Bradley, 1956 

    Unknown author (1956)
    A photograph of Isidor Philipp seated at the piano with Harold Bradley leaning against the piano. Both have signed the photograph and it is dated 1956.
  • Photograph - Sir Ernest McMillan, Ed Mitchinson, Franklin Miller, Charles Daley, Harold Bradley 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of Sir Ernest McMillan, Ed Mitchinson, Franklin Miller, Charles Daley, Harold Bradley.
  • Photographs - Pre-school, 1980 

    Unknown author (1980)
    Two photographs of the pre-school classes in 1980.
  • Photographs - Pre-school, Grace Barnes 

    Unknown author (1979)
    Two photographs with a comment about efficiency, "a student learns how to work efficiently by isolating and analyzing the difficulties in challenging passages. By a slow, concentrated approach, much can be accomplished ...
  • Programme - A Tribute to Harold Bradley 

    Unknown author (1952-11-30)
    A programme for a tribute in honour of Harold Bradley and his contributions to musical education. The evening was planned by Grace Barnes and Isidor Philipp. There were several performances and a gift of a silver tray ...