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  • The Columbian Newspaper vol. IV no. 1105- June 12, 1813 

    Holt, Charles (2011-12-16)
    The "Columbian" was established by Mr. Holt in 1808 as an "organ of the Clintonians" (Journalism in the United States, from 1690-1872 By Frederic Hudson) and a replacement to the "Citizen". It was a passionate Democratic ...
  • National Intelligencer Vol. XIII, No. __91- June 24, 1813 

    Unknown author (2011-12-16)
    The Intelligencer was an American newspaper that was established, in 1800, in Washington by Samuel Harrison Smith, a young Jeffersonian- Republican from Philadelphia. The paper was a supporter of the Jefferson and Madison ...
  • The War Vol. 1, No. 20- November 7, 1812 

    Unknown author (2011-12-16)
  • The Weekly Messenger, Vol.2 No.39- July 16, 1813 

    Unknown author (2011-12-16)
    Contains an account of the Battle of Beaver Dams by Gen. Dearborn in a letter to the Secretary of War, dated at Fort George, 25 June 1813. Also contains an account of the Battle of Stony Creek in a letter by an Officer ...