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  • Proceedings of the Convention of the State of New York ; held at the Capitol in the City of Albany, on the seventeenth and eighteenth days of September, 1812 

    Federal Party (N.Y.) (Websters and Skinners, 1812)
    Signed by Jacob Morris, President, and William Henderson, Secretary.
  • The Bee 

    Durand, James (editor) (James Durand, 1812-10-24)
    Newspaper reporting on contemporary events of the wars in North America and Europe including the Battle of Queenston Heights and the death of Isaac Brock.
  • Ancaster Treason Trials proceedings, 1814 [photocopy] 

    Williams, Edie (1814)
    15 pages of reports ; photocopy from originals held by the Archives of Ontario : RG 22-134 Ancaster Treason Trials, Volume 4, pp. 153-157.
  • The American Weekly Messenger; or Register of State Papers, History and Politics for 1813 - 1814 Volume 1 

    Conrad, John, 1776?-1851 (Philadelphia : J. Conrad, 1814)
    Register of state papers, history, and politics for the years 1813 - 1814.
  • Act of Parliament Preventing Private Distillation, Scotland, 1824 

    Unknown author (George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1824)
    The Act begins: "An Act to continue, until the Tenth Day of November One thousand eight hundred and twenty-six, certain Parts of an Act of the Third Year of His present Majesty, among other Things for the preventing private ...
  • Intemperance at Meredith Bridge, 1836 

    Unknown author (1836)
    A document titled "Plain Facts, In relation to the state of intemperance at Meredith Bridge, ascertained by a committee recently appointed for that purpose". The introduction to the document reads: "The whole population ...
  • Duty Distillery Act - Canada, 1844 

    Unknown author (1844)
    The act begins: "An act to amend the laws now in force imposing a Duty upon Distilleries in any part of the Province of Canada".
  • Bulloch, Lade & Co. Order Form, 31 August 1870 

    Unknown author (1870-08-31)
    An order form for the exportation of scotch pure malt whiskies, distilled by Bulloch, Lade & Co.
  • Indignation Meeting 

    Unknown author (1888-07-16)
    A handout that reads: "Indignation Meeting. A Meeting will be held in the Orange Hall tomorrow evening Tuesday, July 17th at 8 o'clock, p.m. To protest against the late mean and despicable action taken by the Police in ...
  • Imported Brandy Labels 

    Unknown author (1900)
    A selection of Brandy labels all imported by the Liquor Control Boards. One is an import from Portugal for the Liquor Control Board of British Columbia, the other imports are for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and ...
  • Wiehl & Widmann Price List, August 1903 

    Unknown author (1903-08)
    A price list for Wiehl & Widmann (Wholesale Importers of and Dealers in Wines, Liquors and Mineral Waters). The price list is dated August 1903 and the location of the dealer is New York.
  • Bill of Lading from Oporto, Portugal, 1906 

    Unknown author (1906)
    A bill of lading for the UK shipping company Ellerman Lines. The cargo on board is "Four Quarter Casks Red Port Wine" in Oporto, Portugal and bound for Liverpool, England. The document is dated 1 August 1906.
  • Price List - Lawrence A. Wilson Co. Limited, 1916 

    Unknown author (1916-06-08)
    A price list for Lawrence A. Wilson Co. Limited, 87 James St., Montreal Quebec. It is addressed to The Toronto Hunt, 52 Bay Street, Toronto. There are additional handwritten notes. One of the handwritten notes reads "ck ...
  • Care and Preservation of Artillery Material, 1917 

    Unknown author (1917-10)
    A manual instructing on the "Care and Preservation of Artillery Material" from the Field Artillery School of Instruction (Saumur). The name of Arthur A. Schmon is handwritten across the front cover.
  • School of the Battery Commander, November 1917 

    Unknown author (1917-11)
    A book from the School of Battery Commander which is an instruction manual for field artillery. The chapters are titled: Chapter 1 - Definitions, Chapter 2 - The Trajectory, Chapter 3 - Dispersion, Chapter 4 - Use of the ...
  • Der Brummer, 1918 

    Unknown author (Berlin : Verlag der "Lustige Blätter", 1914-, 1918)
    A german magazine/newspaper called "Der Brummer". The edition is numbered 217 and is from the year 1918.
  • Journal of Cantigny Operations, 28 May 1918 

    Unknown author (1918-05)
    A "journal of Cantigny operations" starting at 12:15 a.m. May 28th through May 30th. The final entry reads: "May 30th: Colonel Holbrook reports that the Germans started another Counter Attack about 3:30A.M. that the first ...
  • Interrogation of Prisoner - Heaquarters 1st Division, American Expeditionary Forces, 27 May 1918 

    Unknown author (1918-05-27)
    A prisoner interrogation report dated 27 May 1918. The report reads: "I. PRISONER X. 1st. Battalion, 272 Res. Rogt., 82d Res. 1. CIRCUMSTANCES OF CAPTURE; Captured, while attempting to raid our trenches, at point 1719 ...
  • Map - Plan of Attack of a Iagdkommaudo west of Cantigny, 27 May 1918 

    Unknown author (1918-05-27)
    A map titled "Plan of Attack of a Iagdkommaudo west of Cantigny on 27 May 1918. There are two sketches and the legend indicates that sketch no. 1 is "Firing until 7A.M." and sketch no. 2 is "Firing after 7A.M."
  • Map - Probable Order of Battle 

    Unknown author (1918-05-28)
    A map titled "Probable Order of Battle" and dated 28 May 1918. The map is of Montdidier.