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The Archival Collection is comprised of the primary records of individuals, families and organizations typically from the local area and working in support of our Niagara Book Collection. These records can include diaries, correspondence, photographs, legal documents, original maps, sketches, reports and much more ranging from the earliest settlement of the Peninsula to the present time.

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  • Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-10-30)
    Eleanore Celeste begins by discussing her birthday gifts she received from friends and family. There is talk that Arthur might soon be release from the army. She also mentions she is teaching higher grades and she finds ...
  • Schmon, Eleanore Celeste; Schmon, Mrs. (2014-10-30)
    There are two letters included, one from Eleanore Celeste, the second letter from Arthur Schmon's parents. The first letter from E.C. mentions that she is staying at Arthur's parents home for the night so that she can ...
  • Unknown author (2014-10-30)
    The letter is written by, presumably, Arthur Schmon's sister. It is signed "Goodnight - Lovingly your sis". In the letter, she describes a sermon E.C. Schmon has just attended. A farewell sermon preached by a doctor who ...
  • Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-10-30)
    The letter mentions some men that may be returning the United States and some that have returned. This letter is labelled number 138.
  • Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-10-30)
    The letter reads:" The sixth of February. Artie dear, I am going to be a real good girl and not make you read a long letter, when your thoughts are so completely occupied with "war". Newark is also greatly excited. ...