The Archival Collection is comprised of the primary records of individuals, families and organizations typically from the local area and working in support of our Niagara Book Collection. These records can include diaries, correspondence, photographs, legal documents, original maps, sketches, reports and much more ranging from the earliest settlement of the Peninsula to the present time.

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Recent Submissions

  • Grand Bahama Club Flying Citation, 1958 

    Grand Bahama Club (1958-08-19)
    A Citation from the Grand Bahama Club that reads, "This Citation is awarded to Dorothy Rungeling for having flown a single engine plane across the waters of the Gulf Stream to Grand Bahama Island. In Witness Whereof we ...
  • Article - "Dorothy Rungeling Enters "Powder Puff" Air Derby, 1958 

    Unknown author (1958-06-17)
    An article about Dorothy Rungeling in her third Derby competition in 1958. She will be co-piloted by Miss Susan Koch and the route will take them from San Diego, California to Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling with Plane 

    Unknown author (1956)
    A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling in front of a plane with the Mack Trucks and Buses logo. This photograph is from her personal scrapbooks, the page is labelled "1956 International Air Race Hamilton to Havana".
  • 9th Annual All Woman Transcontinental Air Race Program, 1955 

    Unknown author (1955-07)
    An official program from the 9th Annual All Woman Transcontinental Air Race, July 2-6 1955, Long Beach, California - Springfield, Massachusetts. Mrs. Dorothy Rungeling is number 36 in the program. Many of the female ...
  • Article - "Dorothy First at Wichita in 'Powder Puff' Derby" 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (1956-07-09)
    An article in the Toronto Star written by Dorothy Rungeling during the 'Powder Puff' Derby. She is reporting from the Wichita, Kansas leg of the race and remarks about her time in California.
  • Cuban Tourist Commission Air Certificate, 1955 

    Cuban Tourist Commission (1955-07-11)
    A certificate from the Cuban Tourist Commission "in recognition of his success in crossing the Channel to Cuba from the United States in the Sixth Annual All Woman International Air Race". The certificate was awarded to ...
  • Diagram of a Horse 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (1940s)
    A diagram of a horse, labelled and illustrated by Dorothy Rungeling.
  • Letter - Premier Leslie M. Frost to Dorothy Rungeling, 1955 

    Frost, Leslie M. (1955-06-01)
    A letter from Premier Leslie M. Frost to Dorothy Rungeling wishing her the best in her upcoming All-Woman International Air Race from Washington, D.C. to Havana, Cuba. Mrs. Rungeling is the only Canadian entered in the ...
  • Commemorative Stamp 2010 

    Canada Post (2010)
    A commemorative stamp produced by Canada Post in 2010 in honour of Dorothy Rungeling, "Canada's 1st Woman to Solo a Helicopter".
  • Letter - Jean Chretien to Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling, 2003 

    Chretien, Jean (2003-04-11)
    A letter from Prime Minister Jean Chretien to Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling, in congratulations of her appointment as a Member of the Order of Canada.
  • Letter - Adrienne Clarkson to Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling, 2003 

    Clarkson, Adrienne (2003-06-25)
    A letter from Governor General of Canada, Adrienne Clarkson, to Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling. This correspondence is in response to a letter Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling had sent to Adrienne Clarkson. In the letter, Clarkson ...
  • Menu - Dinner on the occasion of the Investiture of the Order of Canada 

    Unknown author (2003)
    A menu from the dinner of the Investiture of the Order of Canada.
  • The Order of Canada Investiture Ceremony Program (Selection of Pages) 

    Unknown author (2003)
    A selection of pages from the program for the Order of Canada Investiture Ceremony in 2003 when Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling was a recipient.
  • Article - "Fixed Wing to Whirly Bird" 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. LTD., 1959-07)
    An article written by Dorothy Rungeling about her experience flying a helicopter for the first time. She is instructed by Bert Ratliff of the Bell Helicopter Corp. in a Bell G2 Trooper.
  • Article - "Navigation emphasized in the Governor-General's Race" 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. LTD., 1956-10)
    An article written by Dorothy Rungeling for the magazine Canadian Aviation. She writes about her experience during the Governor-General's Race and her win.
  • Article - "Canadian Lass in 170 Beats Male Competitors in Cup Race", 1956 

    Unknown author (Cessna, 1956-10)
    An article covering the win of Dorothy Rungeling in the Canadian Governor-General Cup race. She was the only female competitor against ten males. She has won two out of the last three years.
  • 100th Birthday Certificate, 2011 

    Unknown author (2011)
    A certificate of congratulations of the occasion of Dorothy Rungeling's 100th birthday, 12 May 2011. There is a certificate of best wishes signed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and a certificate from the House of Commons ...
  • Letter by Napoleon Buonaparte (Bonaparte) to Guillaume Thomas Francois Raynal, 24 June 1790 

    Buonaparte, Napoleon (1790-06-24)
    A letter written by Napoleon Buonaparte (Bonaparte) to Guillaume Thomas Francois Raynal, dated at Ajaccio [Corsica] June 24 the first year of freedom [1790]. The letter is written in French. A transcription and a translation ...
  • Niagara Employee Assistance Program Council fonds, 1980-2008, n.d. 

    Adams, Anne (2015-03-10)
    26 cm. of textual records (2 boxes) regarding the Niagara Employee Assistance Program Council.
  • Photograph - Log cutting 

    Unknown author ()
    A photograph with a male dressed in a shirt and bow-tie cutting a log and two other men in suits standing on either side of the log. They are surrounded by a large crowd.

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