The Archival Collection is comprised of the primary records of individuals, families and organizations typically from the local area and working in support of our Niagara Book Collection. These records can include diaries, correspondence, photographs, legal documents, original maps, sketches, reports and much more ranging from the earliest settlement of the Peninsula to the present time.

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  • William F. E. Morley Poster Collection, 1499-2012, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2017-06-27)
    The collection consists of 1467 popular culture posters. The posters cover a wide variety of areas, including books, performing arts, film and television, libraries, museums, food and beverages, government and politics, ...
  • Gordon Russell Poster collection, 1968-2011 

    Cameron, Chantal (2017-06-27)
    The collection consists of 507 posters. Most of the posters are for theatre performances. Theatres include Toronto Free Theatre, Theatre Passe Muraille, Shaw Festival, Factory Theatre, Theatre Plus, Grand Theatre, Guelph ...
  • King’s Portage List of Carriers, 1817-1818 

    Adams, Anne (2017-06-16)
    1 handwritten 1 1/2 page list of carriers in the King’s Portage. The three companies listed are: Grant and Kerby, Robert Hamilton and Thomas Dickson.
  • Dickson Family Fonds, 1812-1911 (non-inclusive) 

    Adams, Anne (2017-06-14)
    5 cm of textual records (one oversized box)
  • Photograph - Bucyrus 103-C 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of a Bucyrus Company machine digging out rock. The photograph is labelled "Bucyrus 103-C - Upper Hudson Stone Co. New Hamburgh, N.Y. 28888-C"
  • Letter Bucyrus Company to J.J. Reuters, 26 February 1923 

    Lehman, W. (1923-02-26)
    A letter from a mechanical engineer from the Bucyrus Company discussing some of their products. He mentions that the shovel can be changed to a dragline if certain changes are made to the machine components.
  • Variation of Prices (Cranes, Shovels, Boilers, Dump Cars, Steam Locos) 

    Unknown author (1922-05-11)
    A graph showing the variation of prices for cranes, shovels, boilers, dump cars, and steam locos from 1914 through 1922. The chart shows the number of each item purchased, approximate date of purchase and selling price ...
  • Photograph - General Office Staff at the Chippawa Queenston Development 

    Unknown author (1921)
    A photograph of the general office staff at the Chippawa Queenston Development from September 1921. The photograph is marked "A-1405" in the bottom corner.
  • Memorandum of Arthur Schmon's trip to Germany, 1939 

    Schmon, Arthur (1939-04-12)
    A 10 ½ page document outlines Mr. Schmon’s impressions of Germany in 1939. Both Arthur and Celeste felt that they were “objects of curiosity” in an atmosphere of tension. Mr. Schmon described Germany as a military ...
  • Memorandum of Arthur Schmon's trip to Italy, 1939 

    Schmon, Arthur (1939-04-12)
    A 5 page document, detailing Arthur Schmon’s impressions of Italy in 1939. Mr. Schmon described the impression that Mussolini left on the people of Italy. Mussolini was viewed as “one of the people”, despite his ...
  • Photograph - "Bill" William Coolin 

    Unknown author (1940s)
    A photograph of William Coolin in his uniform, standing in front of a tent.
  • Photograph - Ruby Helen Lees with Man in office 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of Ruby Helen Lees with an unknown male in an office.
  • Letter to Helen and Art Lees from "Bill" William Coolin, 28 July 1940 

    Coolin, William (1940-07-28)
    This letter discusses William Coolin's time working in the "office" and he mentions that he would like to make the Divisional staff to get out of the office. He also mentions that he experienced his first air raid. He ...
  • Letter to Helen and Art Lees from "Bill" William Coolin, 31 March 1940 

    William, Coolin (1940-03-31)
    The letter begins with a note of congratulations for the birth of Peter Joseph Lees on March the 2nd. Coolin then passes on a note of condolence for the passing of Helen's Mother. William Coolin then describes his week ...
  • Letter to Helen and Art Lees from "Bill" William Coolin 2 February 1940 

    Coolin, William (1940-02-02)
    In the letter, William Coolin mentions that he is safe in England after "a sub tried to attack our convoy, with the result that another German sub lies at the bottom of the ocean." He mentions that he has been at the ...
  • Welland Canals Preservation Association Fonds, 1977-1990, n.d. 

    Adams, Anne (2017-06-02)
    The textual material of the Welland Canals Preservation Association consists of administrative records, clippings and awards that document the activities of this association. Also included are:1 trophy, 1 plaque, 18 slides, ...
  • Notes - Andrew May 

    May, Andrew (n.d.)
    Notes written by Andrew May that discuss his family history, education, dental career and hobbies.
  • May Family Tree 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    The May family tree begins with Peter May (b. 1723) and the last entry includes William Amrhein born 1933.
  • Cotillion Party Invitation 

    Unknown author (1851-01-15)
    An invitation to a cotillion party at the D. Coleman Assembly Room in Port Robinson, 15 January 1851. Thee are a list of managers listed.
  • Letter from Delia E. Warner to Erecta Morey, 17 September 1852 

    Warner, Delia E. (1852-09-17)
    The letter begins with Delia Warner describing her journey to Dunville and arriving to see Eliza Kennedy. She discusses where she will go next and the travels of other mutual friends.

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