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dc.description.abstractHistorical map showing two land masses. Oriented with north to the bottom right. Fort Niagara is shown on the American side at the lower end of the Niagara River adjacent to Lake Ontario. The opposite side is British land. There are multiple buildings including Navy Hall and Rangers' Barracks and a number of buildings which are not labelled. Mississauga Point is shown with a plan of fortifications, boundary of reservation, and reserve for a fort to the south [Fort George] with note "ground within 800 yards of the Fort to be reserved for Government". Roads are also shown on the British but are not labelled. Adjacent to “Rangers Barracks” is a label; “marsh overflowed in Spring”. At the opposite side of “Rangers Barracks” is land “commonly called Generals Fields”. Relief is shown by shading. Latitude of Niagara and other measurements are written at the bottom right of the map.
dc.description.abstractAuthorship is not indicated.
dc.description.abstractScale: 240 feet to 1 inch ; 1:2,880
dc.description.abstractDigital reproduction: Library and Archives Canada, National Map Collection: NMC-17879 Map image in JPEG format.
dc.description.abstractGeoreferenced and modified by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
dc.description.abstractEndorsed title found in Mapping Upper Canada 1780-1876 / by Joan Winerals.
dc.description.abstractDescribed in: Mapping Upper Canada, 1780-1867 / Joan Winearls. 1991. Reference no.: 1669
dc.formatScale [1:2,400] or 1 " to 200 ft.
dc.rightsNo restrictions. Recommended attribution: Digital map reproduction provided by: Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library
dc.subjectNiagara River
dc.subjectFort Niagara
dc.subjectFort George
dc.titleSketch of lower part of Niagara River, 1790

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