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  • Eleanor Ostrander Land Grant, 1801 

    Williams, Edie (2010-09-20)
    1 land grant
  • Indenture between Duncan and Margaret McFarland and Duncan Campbell 

    Unknown author (1847-11-30)
    Indenture (vellum) of bargain and sale between Duncan and Margaret McFarland of Port Robinson to Duncan Campbell of Port Robinson for part of Lot no. 202 in the township of Thorold - instrument no. 673, November 30, 1847.
  • Indenture between Harmonius Vanalstine and Joseph Upper 

    Unknown author (1851-09-11)
    Indenture between Harmonius Vanalstine of Thorold Township and Joseph Upper of Thorold Township regarding 98 acres in Lot no. 7 in the 1st Concession in the Township of Crowland - instrument no. 3469. This was listed in ...
  • Indenture of Sale Between David Secord to Jacob Lutz 

    Unknown author (1825-07-12)
    Indenture of sale between David Secord of Niagara Township to Jacob Lutz of Thorold Township regarding part of Lot no. 90 in the Township of Niagara. Registered for the County of Lincoln and Haldimand in Book J, Folio ...
  • Receipt to Mr. Woodruff 

    Unknown author (1849-10-25)
    Receipt to Mr. Woodruff for taxes in the Township of Thorold signed by Jonathan Doan, collector, Oct. 25, 1849.