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  • Extending relAPS to first order logic 

    Aameri, Bahar (Brock University, 2011-03-08)
    RelAPS is an interactive system assisting in proving relation-algebraic theorems. The aim of the system is to provide an environment where a user can perform a relation-algebraic proof similar to doing it using pencil ...
  • Generating finite integral relation algebras 

    Zhang, Si (Brock University, 2011-03-08)
    Relation algebras and categories of relations in particular have proven to be extremely useful as a fundamental tool in mathematics and computer science. Since relation algebras are Boolean algebras with some well-behaved ...
  • ReAlM - a system to manipulate relations 

    Ahmed, Zafor (Brock University, 2010-10-26)
    Given a heterogeneous relation algebra R, it is well known that the algebra of matrices with coefficient from R is relation algebra with relational sums that is not necessarily finite. When a ...