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  • The finite bandwidth model for spin fluctuations in Pd 

    Longo, Janice P. (Brock University, 1988-07-09)
    The frequency dependence of the electron-spin fluctuation spectrum, P(Q), is calculated in the finite bandwidth model. We find that for Pd, which has a nearly full d-band, the magnitude, the range, and the peak frequency ...
  • Palladium and platinum complexes of vitamin Bâ 

    Acquaye, John Henry K. A. (Brock University, 1982-07-09)
    Palladium and platinum complexes of pyridoxamine, pyridoxine and pyridoxal have been prepared. The structures of the complexes PtCI2PM.H20, trans-PdC12 (PN)2 and [PLH+ ]2[PtC16] 2- ,H20 have been determined by use of ...