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  • Article - Ethelwyn Wetherald's Poetry, An Appreciation 

    Garvin, John W. (1931-10)
    An article of appreciation for the work of Ethelwyn Wetherald. The article includes a few of Wetherald's poems. The article begins "I may be regarded as almost a truism that if a poet be placed in any environment, ...
  • Chamber's Historical Questions with Answers 

    Chambers, William; Chambers, Robert (1878)
    The book is hardcover and inscribed with an illegible signature, dated 1880 and below that is the signature Margaret J. Woodruff. The preface of the book begins, "The present work is designed to fulfil an important purpose ...
  • An Epic Poem, The Norton House 

    Unknown author (1886)
    A poem by J.W. Keating, Poet Laureate of the Norton House, C. Sherwood Book and Job Printer, St. Catharines, March 3, 1886. There is a note on the front page which says "see page 11". There is a section of the poem which ...
  • Familiar Science of The Scientific Explanation of Common Things 

    Peterson, R.E. (1852)
    There is a signature on this book that reads "Julia Cleveland 22 East-8 Street, Erie Penna."
  • Women’s Literary Club of St. Catharines Fonds 

    Barnett, Jody and Anne Adams (2009-08-24)
    The majority of text within this collection is comprised of meeting minutes, essays and scrapbooks relating to literature and history. Correspondence, and club publications, including photographs and a wide range of newspaper ...