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  • The band structure of Cd0 

    Leaver, Alan. (Brock University, 1978-07-09)
    The Augmented Pl ane Wave Method has been used to calculate the one-electron energy band structure of CdO. Energy eigenva l ues were calculated along three symmetry lines and for some other general wave-vectors of interest.
  • Crystal growth, characterization and point contact spectroscopy on CuxTiSe₂ 

    Potalivo, Michael (Brock University, 2011-05-17)
    Various s e t s of single c rys t a l s and poly c rys t a l s of Cux TiSe2 were grown. X- r ay diffraction and ene rgy dispersive spe c t ros copy r e sul t s verified tha t the c rys t a l s were the ...