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  • Surgite Winter 2000 

    Brock University (2000)
    Publication of Surgite for Winter 2000. The contents are: Vote of confidence, Grads around the world, Networks at work, Alumnews, Brock Briefs, Record turnout, Homecoming '99, Canadian champs.
  • Surgite Winter 2001 

    Brock University (2001)
    Publication of Surgite for Winter 2001. The contents are: Global profile, "Good, Better, Brock!", Homecoming highlights, Alumnews, New Hamilton Campus, Sleep lab, Golden moments.
  • Surgite Winter 2002 

    Brock University (2002)
    Publication of Surgite for Winter 2002. The contents are: Forum, Showcasing the best of Brock, Fall Convocation, Alumnews, Library technology centre, New directions in agriculture, Don Lorimer dedication.
  • Surgite Winter 2003 

    Brock University (2003)
    Publication of Surgite for Winter 2003. The contents are: Forum, Brock Days, Alumni Association, AlumNews, Grad's inspiring story, Update your info!, Brock Briefs.
  • Surgite Winter 2004 

    Brock University (2004)
    Publication of Surgite for Winter 2004. The contents are: President's Message, Brock Days Highlights, Grad Profile, AlumNews, holiday, Canada Research Chair, Badger Champions.
  • Surgite Winter 2005 

    Brock University (2005)
    Publication of Surgite for Winter 2005. The contents are: Record enrolment, Alumni Association news, Brock Days, Fall Convocation, AlumNews, Time capsule, Rowing coach.
  • Surgite Winter 2006 

    Brock University (2006)
    Publication of Surgite for Winter 2006. The contents are: Convocation highlights, Property donated, Alumnnews, Alumni Association, Brock Days, Grateful student, Annual rankings.
  • Surgite Winter 2007 

    Brock University (2007)
    Publication of Surgite for Winter 2007. The contents are: Breach update, Red carpet for banker, AlumNews, Alumni Association, Brock Days, Internship in China, Graduate students.
  • Surgite Winter 2008 

    Brock University (2008)
    Publication of Surgite for Winter 2008. The contents are: Chancellor, Nursing achievement, Learning Commons, AlumNews, Alumni Association, Athletic gifts.
  • A survey of attitudes of agricultural society leaders toward leadership development education 

    Elfving, Beverley Brown. (Brock University, 1992-07-09)
    It was the purpose of this study to investigate attitudes toward leadership development education of one client group served by the ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The survey, answered by 175 participants, attempted ...
  • A Survey of hMLH1 mRNA Splicing Profiles in Human Cell Lines: Comparing Primary Cultured Fibroblasts Before and After Oxidative Stress and Transiently versus Stably Demethylated Colon Cancer Derived Cell Lines 

    Tiedtke, Esther (2013-04-15)
    Most human genes undergo alternative splicing and loss of splicing fidelity is associated with disease. Epigenetic silencing of hMLH 1 via promoter cytosine methylation is causally linked to a subset of sporadic non-polyposis ...
  • Survey of lands appropriated to the use of the Welland Canal Company, 1826-1837 

    Welland Canal Company (1826-1837)
    A book of survey of lands appropriated to the use of the Welland Canal Company, 1826-1837 (contains sketches).
  • Survey of St. Catharines previous to 1809 

    H.R. Page (1809)
    Map date: 1809Includes illustration of building at 135 St. Paul Street and an advertisement for a Toronto lithographer.This map is a copy of p.58 of the 1876 edition of the Illustrated historical atlas of the Counties of ...
  • A survey of the machine interference problem 

    Haque, Lani; Armstrong, Michael J. (Elsevier, 2007)
    This paper surveys the research published on the machine interference problem since the 1985 review by Stecke & Aronson. After introducing the basic model, we discuss the literature along several dimensions. We then note ...
  • Survivor 

    Donato, Andy (1937- ) (2000-07-09)
  • Sustainability, Fashion Design, and Consumerism: Undergraduate Entry Level Fashion Students' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Habits 

    Romanovska, Anna (2013-04-11)
    This qualitative inquiry explored 7 undergraduate students' attitudes, habits, and knowledge of consumerism, fashion design, and sustainability. The postmodern study employed crystallization as its methodological framework ...
  • Sustainable Food Systems in northern Ghana: Assessing the influence of International Development 

    Kwao, Benjamin
    The concept of sustainable food systems gained prominence in the food security discourse as evidence from the 2007-2008 and 2010 world food and financial crisis suggested that food systems were under stress. The concept ...
  • Sustaining Health Care Practice Change: The Experience of Best Practice Spotlight Organizations Implementing and Sustaining RNAO Best Practice Guidelines 

    Schenck, Tracey
    Sustainability of change for improvement initiatives has been widely reported as a global challenge both within and outside health care settings. The purpose of this study was to examine the extent to which factors related ...
  • Swarm-based Algorithms for Neural Network Training 

    McLean, Reginald
    The main focus of this thesis is to compare the ability of various swarm intelligence algorithms when applied to the training of artificial neural networks. In order to compare the performance of the selected swarm ...
  • Sweeps Tickets 

    Unknown author (1940)
    Sweeps tickets including: an envelope that says “sweep tickets from Miss Hillman which contains a Toronto Dominion Bank envelope containing 1 Hospitals’ Trust (1940) Dublin ticket; A Toronto Dominion Bank piece of ...