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  • Safe Handling of Large Animals 

    Grandin, Temple (1999-04)
    The article discusses improving welfare by reducing fear by studying: Animal Sensory Perception, Animal Behavior Patterns, Animal Habituation and Temperament, Effects of Previous Handling, Training Animals, Training Time ...
  • A safe place / 

    Carmichael-Houle, Anne L. (Brock University, 1999-05-21)
    This study is an effort to give voice to an experience. The experience in question is the decision of a student to trust a practitioner. The study also describes the features which led the student to believe that the ...
  • Sailing Journal, 1966-1968 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (1966)
    Dorothy Rungeling's sailing journal which covers from 1966 to 1968 with outlines of the daily activities. The journal also includes Trip expenses and meal options.
  • Sale of Land for Taxes to W.H. Dickson 

    Unknown author (1861-12-03)
    Notice of sale of land for taxes to W. H. Dickson. This is a handwritten document. The land consists of 4 acres of Lot no. 12 in the 5th Concession of Wainfleet. This is dated May 23, 1857 [signatures are illegible]. On ...
  • Sales Agreement - July 30th, 1851 

    Unknown author (2014-05-01)
  • Salience of Charter Schools in Educational Policy Debates in Three Canadian Provinces: 1993-2010 

    Mindzak, Michael (2013-04-09)
    School choice-the movement towards increased parental and student control over public education-has been endorsed extensively as a means of revitalizing and improving public schools. Part of this movement is the concept ...
  • Salivary testosterone and cortisol : role of athletic setting, game outcome, and game location / 

    Carré, Justin M. (Brock University, 2007-05-21)
    Many studies investigating the relationship between hormones and competition have focused on athletic competition. The athletic setting enables r researchers to investigate the hormone-behaviour relationship in a ...
  • The Salmon Algorithm - A New Population Based Search Metaheuristic 

    Orth, John (Brock University, 2012-03-02)
    This thesis introduces the Salmon Algorithm, a search meta-heuristic which can be used for a variety of combinatorial optimization problems. This algorithm is loosely based on the path finding behaviour of salmon swimming ...
  • The salvo combat model with area fire 

    Armstrong, Michael John (Wiley Periodicals, Inc., 2013-12)
    This paper analyzes versions of the salvo model of missile combat where area fire is used by one or both sides in a battle. While these models share some properties with the area fire Lanchester model and the aimed fire ...
  • The same old line? 

    Unknown author (2009-02-05)
    As long as you've got metal zippers in your garments you're selling an old line. Today's fashions are much more demanding. They need what a Lightning Zephyr can give them. Part of the tag line for an ad aimed at the garment ...
  • Sample preparation and heavy metal determination by atomic spectrometry / 

    Xiao, Jing. (Brock University, 2004-06-29)
    Microwave digestions of mercury in Standards Reference Material (SRM) coal samples with nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide in quartz vessels were compared with Teflon® vessel digestion by using flow injection cold vapor ...
  • Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff's Pewter Hunting Flask 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    This is a 16 cm x 8 cm 19th century pewter flask which has 3 pieces including the flask, the screw-on cap and a cover/drinking cup. There is a W inscribed within the cap. This is well-worn and dented.
  • Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff's Pewter Match Box 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    This pewter hinged flip-top box is 9 cm x 7 cm and has a 2 cm depth. It contains lit and unlit matches. It is worn and slightly dented.
  • Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff, Casualty Details, Grave site information etc. 

    Unknown author (2009)
    Copies (these items were copied from the internet) of Samuel DeVeaux's attestation paper, casualty details and a copy of a photo of Wailly Orchard Cemetery in which the old wooden crosses have been replaced by stones.
  • Sankey and Gibson 

    Unknown author (2009-02-11)
    Chancellor Sankey handing a degree to a graduate. Dr. Gibson in the background.
  • Sarcolemmal lipid analysis from mechanically skinned rat muscle fibres. 

    Fajardo, Val Andrew (Brock University, 2011-10-24)
    Membrane lipid composition, which includes phospholipid (PL) headgroup, and fatty acid (FA) saturation, has been shown to affect cellular function. The sarcolemma (SL) membrane is integral to skeletal muscle function and ...
  • The satellite band patterns in the near ultraviolet absorption spectra of isotopic compounds of acetaldehyde 

    Ng, Kim Hok-kin. (Brock University, 1978-07-09)
    The 3700 A - 3000 A absorption spectra of CH3CHO and its isotopic compounds such as CH3CDO, CD3CHO and CD3CDO were studied in the gas phase at room temperature and low temperatures. The low resolution spectra of the ...

    Bosetti, Kelsey (Brock University, 2014-07-28)
    The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate an assessment that measured savouring leisure. The assessment items developed were reviewed for content validity by eight international therapeutic recreation (TR) ...
  • Sawney's Letters, or Cariboo Rhymes 1864 to 1868 

    Anderson, James (2013-06-06)
    Poetry of James Anderson during his time in the Cariboo of British Columbia. He left Scotland for British Columbia during the gold rush.
  • Scales, networks and uncertainty : an examination of environmental policy-making in Ontario 

    Calvert, Kirby. (Brock University, 2009-02-16)
    Through a case-study analysis of Ontario's ethanol policy, this thesis addresses a number of themes that are consequential to policy and policy-making: spatiality, democracy and uncertainty. First, I address the 'spatial ...