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  • Map - Plan of Organization of Conquered Position 

    Unknown author (1918-12-17)
    A map titled "Plan of Organization of Conquered Position". There is a legend at the top right that reads: "Parallel of Surveillance, Parallel of Resistance, Parallel of the Redoubts, Limit between Bns., Final Objective, ...
  • Map - Plan of Operation against Cantigny 

    Unknown author (1918-12-17)
    A map titled "Plan of Operation against Cantigny" and dated 17 December 1918.
  • General Orders, 28 February 1919 

    Pershing, General John J. (1919-02-28)
    A letter from General John J. Pershing to his "fellow soldiers" as service comes to an end. He thanks the soldiers for their "splendid service to the army and to the nation".
  • Map - First Division Sector Coblenz - Bridghead 

    Unknown author (1919-05-08)
    A large map titled "Map of First Division Sector Coblenz-Bridgehead" dated 8 May 1919. The map is hand drawn.
  • Vernon's Farmers and Business Directory for the Counties of Haldimand, Lincoln, Welland and Wentworth for the years (1923/24) 20th Edition 

    Henry Vernon & Son (Henry Vernon, 1923)
    Farmers and business directory for the counties of Haldimand, Lincoln, Welland, and Wentworth for the years 1923 - 1924.
  • General Price List, Ontario, 1 January 1924 

    Ontario Government Dispensaries; Board of License Commissioners for Ontario (1924-01-01)
    A general price list from the year 1924 for the province of Ontario. The cover of the list reads: "Ontario Government Dispensaries Conducted Under Direction of Board of License Commissioners for Ontario By Authority of ...
  • Alberta Price List No. 3., January 1st, 1925 

    Alberta Liquor Control Board (1925-01-01)
    A price list form for the Alberta Liquor Control Board from 1 January 1925. The price list includes "General Information" in regards to permits for individuals and special permits. The alcohol is then listed by category ...
  • Newfoundland Price List, 1 June 1928 

    Board of Liquor Control, St. John's, Nfld. (1928-06-01)
    A price list for Newfoundland by the Board of Liquor Control, St. John's. The list is one page in length and has a few handwritten changes to prices.
  • Receipt, The Robert Simpson Company 1935 

    Unknown author (1935-11-21)
    A receipt from The Robert Simpson Company limited for four comforters. The receipt is Mrs. A. Schmon's of 30 Yates Street in St. Catharines.
  • Liquor Advertising Regulations in Canada, 1938 

    Unknown author (1938)
    A document describing provincial regulations for advertising liquor. The document appears to have been written by/for the company. At this time, the advertising of liquor is still prohibited in some provinces like Nova ...
  • Diagram of a Horse 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (1940s)
    A diagram of a horse, labelled and illustrated by Dorothy Rungeling.
  • Horsemanship Notes 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (1940s)
    Notes or an essay from Dorothy Rungeling's time in horsemanship classes in the 1940s. The notes/essay is three pages in length and is focused on the "head and neck" of a horse. She mentions the "schooling" of a horse, ...
  • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling in Car 

    Unknown author (1948)
    A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling sitting in a car parked beside a plane. There is a boy in the car next to her, likely her son Barry. According to her story in Air Facts (reprinted in Bozeman Daily Chronicle), this may ...
  • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling's First Airplane 

    Unknown author (1949)
    A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling standing in front of her first airplane. The airplane was a 1949 Luscombe Silvaire , 2 seat, 65 h.p. Continental engine.
  • Airplane Invoice, 1949 

    Unknown author (1949-02-08)
    An invoice for a Luscombe Silvaire, Model 8-A Sky Pal plane with additional items installed. The total for the invoice is $2541.63 for all items. The invoice was made out by Aero Activities Limited, Barker Airport, Toronto ...
  • Letter - The Ontario Paper Co. Limited to Mr. Arthur A. Schmon, 1949 

    The Ontario Paper Company (1949-08-15)
    A letter from The Ontario Paper Co., Limited of Thorold, Ontario. The letter, dated 15 August 1949, celebrates the Thirtieth Anniversary of association between Arthur A. Schmon and the paper company. The letter praises ...
  • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling's Second Airplane 

    Unknown author (1950)
    A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling's second airplane. The airplane is described as a Piper PA20, 4 seats, 125 h.p. Lycoming engine.
  • Article - "Canadians in Air Race", 1951 

    Unknown author (1951)
    An article clipping discussing the four Canadian women entered in the third annual All Women's International Air Race in 1951.
  • Third Annual All-Women's International Air Race Flight Log, 1951 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (1951)
    A chart of Dorothy Rungeling's flight landings and departures during the Third Annual All-Women's International Air Race in 1951.
  • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling with Airplane sponsored by Thompson Products, 1952 

    Titley, Bert (1952)
    A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling in front of her airplane sponsored by Thompson Products in the 1952 All Women's International Air Race from St. Augustine, Florida to Welland, Ontario.