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  • Backbone Colouring of Graphs 

    Golestanian, Arnoosh
    Consider an undirected graph G and a subgraph of G, H. A q-backbone k-colouring of (G,H) is a mapping f: V(G) {1, 2, ..., k} such that G is properly coloured and for each edge of H, the colours of its endpoints differ by ...
  • The backwoods of our backyards : Ontario pioneers and the crisis of ecology / 

    Pereira, Michael D. (Brock University, 2008-06-01)
    Early in his landmark ecocritical book The Comedy of Survival, Joseph Meeker develops an intriguing hypothesis about human behaviour. He remarks the species Homo sapiens tend to behave like an invasive or pioneering ...
  • Bacteriophages of Erwinia amylovora and their potential use in biological control 

    Gill, Jason J. (Brock University, 2000-11-04)
    Forty-four bacteriophage isolates of Erwinia amy/ovora, the causal agent of fire blight, were collected from sites in and around the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario in the summer of 1998. Phages were isolated only ...
  • The Badger: 1965 Election Issue 

    Unknown author (2009-02-26)
    Special 1965 BUSA Election Issue.
  • The Badger: Vol. 1 Issue 1 

    Unknown author (2009-02-26)
    The very first student newspaper published at Brock.
  • The Badger: Vol. 1 Issue 2 

    Unknown author (2009-02-26)
    The 4 page second issue of the Badger.
  • The Badger: Vol. 1 Issue 4 

    Unknown author (2009-02-26)
    Brock's student newspaper.
  • The Badger: Vol. 2 Issue 3 

    Unknown author (2009-02-26)
    The Badger newspaper gets a new look in this fall issue.
  • Bailiff of Guernsey 

    Unknown author (2009-02-11)
    In 1969, Sir William Arnold, Bailiff of Guernsey - the birthplace of Sir Isaac Brock - was invited by Dr. Gibson to come to Canada and visit Brock University on the 200th anniversary of Sir Isaac Brock's birth. While ...
  • The band structure of Cd0 

    Leaver, Alan. (Brock University, 1978-07-09)
    The Augmented Pl ane Wave Method has been used to calculate the one-electron energy band structure of CdO. Energy eigenva l ues were calculated along three symmetry lines and for some other general wave-vectors of interest.
  • Bank of Canada Records, 1958-1989 

    Cameron, Chantal (2014-09-03)
    This archive is part of the larger Ontario Editorial Bureau Fonds (OEB) housed at Brock University. The records contain information about the annual sale of Canadian Savings Bonds (CSBs) by the Bank of Canada. The bulk ...
  • Bargaining Power Dynamics and the Negotiation of Commercial Rights and Obligations: A Case of Athlete Agreements 

    Arsenault, Craig (Brock University, 2013-10-10)
    This qualitative case study explored how the structural power imbalance in high performance sport influenced the bargaining process and resulting commercial rights and obligations of a single Canadian national sport ...
  • Barnes Wines Fonds 

    Adams, Anne (2012-11-07)
    Minute books and Stock books from Barnes Wines Limited. In 1873 George Barnes, Andrew Skinner, James Skinner, John Young Reid, Charles Robert Murray, George Magan, Thomas Barnes and Robert Duncan applied for, and received ...
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law Index 

    Unknown author (1973-08-28)
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 71 

    Unknown author (1947-11-17)
    The summary of the bill reads: "A By-Law authorizing an application for supplementary letters patent re-classifying and increasing the capital of the company."
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 72 

    Unknown author (1948-03-12)
    The By-Law reads: "Whereas it is deemed expedient to vary the manner of the payment of dividends to Shareholders of the Company and consequently necessary to repeal By-Law No. 64 of the Company. Now therefore be it enacted ...
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-law No. 73 

    Unknown author (1948-03-12)
    The By-Law summary reads: "A By-Law to authorize payments to certain employees in lieu of benefits provided for other employees under a retirement plan."
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 74 

    Unknown author (1948-06-15)
    The summary of the By-Law reads: "A By-Law to provide for participation in profits by employees of the company."
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law no. 75 

    Unknown author (1948-06-15)
    By-Law no. 75 begins "A by-law to govern the affairs of the company and repealing the by-laws of the company passed heretofore relating to the administration of the affairs of the company".