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  • Arms Granted 

    Unknown author (2009-02-05)
    Document detailing the newly granted Coat of Arms for Brock University.
  • "Army for Poland is now in the Making" 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A newspaper article "Army for Poland is Now in the Making" discusses the forming of the Grey Samaritans. The group with be trained in "nursing and dietetics, and the plan is to send them abroad to do reconstruction work ...
  • Army Orders 

    Unknown author (1918-10-11)
    Army Orders list by General Sir H.S. Rawlinson, Bart. G.C.V.O., K.C.B., K.C.M.G., Commanding Fourth Army. The list includes Captian P.C. Band, M.C., Canadian Infantry under the list for Bar to the Military Cross.
  • Arsenic and germanium determination by hydride generation in the D.C. plasma optical emission spectrometer 

    Ceccarelli, Claudio M. (Brock University, 1986-07-09)
    Modifications to the commercial hydride generator, manufactured by Spectrametrics, resulted in improved operating procedure and enhancement of the arsenic and germanium signals. Experiments with arsenic(III) and arsenic(V) ...
  • Arsenic speciation by ion-exchange chromatography with on- line determination by hydride generation: electronic modification of the D.C. plasma by photon counting 

    Morozink, Darren S. (Brock University, 1994-07-09)
    A method using L-cysteine for the determination of arsenous acid (As(III)), arsenic acid (As(V)), monomethylarsonic acid (MMAA), and dimethylarsinic acid (DMAA) by hydride generation was demonstrated. The instrument used ...
  • 'Art is the New Steel': Marketing Creative Urbanism in Twenty-First Century Hamilton, Ontario 

    Russumanno, Paolo
    As a major manufacturing hub in southern Ontario, Hamilton enjoyed considerable economic stability during the twentieth century. However, like most industrial-based cities, Hamilton’s role as a North American manufacturing ...
  • The Art of Resisting Colonial Education 

    Currie-Patterson, Natalie (Brock University, 2012-11-07)
    This thesis explores the efforts of discipline and resistance in the Indian Residential School (IRS) system in Canada. The IRS has origins in eighteenth and nineteenth century colonial policies of assimilation. While its ...
  • Arterial Stiffness In Children With And Without Developmental Coordination Disorder 

    Philips, Nicole (Brock University, 2014-09-04)
    The purpose of this study was to determine whether children with potential developmental coordination disorder (p-DCD) demonstrate increased arterial stiffness and thickness compared to age and school matched controls (mean ...
  • Arthur A. Schmon fonds 

    Adams, Anne (2015-02-10)
    83 cm. (3 boxes) textual records and 25 maps 13 coloured postcards 11 b&w postcards 4 greeting ...
  • Arthur A. Schmon Memorial Trophy 

    Unknown author (2009-02-09)
    This trophy was awarded to the winners of the 'Great Debate' on whether or not university tuition should be free that took place on October 27, 1965 at Brock's Glenridge Campus Auditorium. The affirmative team comprising ...
  • Article - "And there I was", 1952 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (1952-05-11)
    An article that was originally published in Air Facts in 1951, is published again in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in 1952. In the scrapbook kept by Mrs. Rungeling, there is a typwritten note that explains the events ...
  • Article - "Canadian Lass in 170 Beats Male Competitors in Cup Race", 1956 

    Unknown author (Cessna, 1956-10)
    An article covering the win of Dorothy Rungeling in the Canadian Governor-General Cup race. She was the only female competitor against ten males. She has won two out of the last three years.
  • Article - "Canadians in Air Race", 1951 

    Unknown author (1951)
    An article clipping discussing the four Canadian women entered in the third annual All Women's International Air Race in 1951.
  • Article - "Dorothy First at Wichita in 'Powder Puff' Derby" 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (1956-07-09)
    An article in the Toronto Star written by Dorothy Rungeling during the 'Powder Puff' Derby. She is reporting from the Wichita, Kansas leg of the race and remarks about her time in California.
  • Article - "Dorothy Rungeling Enters "Powder Puff" Air Derby, 1958 

    Unknown author (1958-06-17)
    An article about Dorothy Rungeling in her third Derby competition in 1958. She will be co-piloted by Miss Susan Koch and the route will take them from San Diego, California to Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Article - "Fenwick Flier Finishes Fifth", 1953 

    Unknown author (1953-06-15)
    The article is focused on the fifth place finish of Mrs. Dorothy Rungeling. The article speculates that "The local entrant would have placed second had she not been grounded by bad weather causing her to lose 40 minutes ...
  • Article - "Fenwick Housewife Wins National Air Show Race", 1953 

    Unknown author (1953)
    The article discusses the 1953 Governor-General's Cup win for Mrs. Dorothy Rungeling at the National Air Show. There were nine other pilots competing in the race.
  • Article - "Fixed Wing to Whirly Bird" 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. LTD., 1959-07)
    An article written by Dorothy Rungeling about her experience flying a helicopter for the first time. She is instructed by Bert Ratliff of the Bell Helicopter Corp. in a Bell G2 Trooper.
  • Article - "Fonthill Woman Among 21 Pilots in Welland - Florida Air race", 1953 

    Unknown author (1953-05-15)
    An article in The St. Catharines Standard that discusses the upcoming sixth all-women's international air race from Welland, Ontario to New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Mrs. Rungeling will be accompanied by Beverly Belfry of ...
  • Article - "Navigation emphasized in the Governor-General's Race" 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. LTD., 1956-10)
    An article written by Dorothy Rungeling for the magazine Canadian Aviation. She writes about her experience during the Governor-General's Race and her win.