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  • Letter - S.L. Conklin to "F.B. Woodruff, Esq." 

    Conklin, S.L. (1890-02-14)
    Letter (1 page, typed) to S.D. Woodruff asking if he would like to extend the Wank loan for 5 years. Signed by S.L. Conklin, assistant secretary of Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage Trust Company, Feb. 14, 1890.
  • Letter - S.L. Conklin to S.D. Woodruff 

    Conklin, S.L. (1890-04-07)
    Letter to S.D. Woodruff which accompanied payment for the Mauk account. The letter is signed by S.L. Conklin, April 7, 1890.
  • Letter - Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff to "Maggie Muffin Hound" 

    Woodruff, Samuel DeVeaux (?-07-03)
    Letter, from Whitley Camp, Surrey. The letter is dated July 3, with no year. The salutation is "Dear Maggie Muffin Hound". Samuel writes about getting a letter from Barrie and he talks about old friends and family. He ...
  • Letter - Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff to "Marg" 

    Woodruff, S.D. (?-11-05)
    Letter dated Nov. 5th, no year. The salutation is "Dear Marg". In this letter, Samuel talks about the fact that everyone is fed up and they want to go somewhere, preferably France, but he thinks that they will stay where ...
  • Letter - Samuel J. Moyer to Ethelwyn Wetherald, 12 September 1900 

    Moyer, Samuel J. (2013-05-22)
    This letter to Ethelwyn Wetherald from S.J. Moyer discusses the poetry and book he received from the author. The letter briefly describes S.J. Moyer's arrival in Pelham.
  • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to J. Diefenbaker, April 1968 

    O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
    The letter begins by thanking J. Diefenbaker for a personal note and other mementos. O'Sullivan then begins to discuss Trudeau and his popularity, he remarks "If he calls an early election, he will sweep the Country. ...
  • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to J. Diefenbaker, December 1971 

    O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
    A letter to John Diefenbaker from Sean O'Sullivan in regards to a position working for the Diefenbaker campaign. O'Sullivan does not ask for any special consideration, but does remark on his experience thus far.
  • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to J. Diefenbaker, November 1969 

    O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
    A letter from Sean O'Sullivan to John Diefenbaker, 29 November 1969. O'Sullivan mentions a confrontation between Diefenbaker and Prime Minister Trudeau, during which Trudeau made an error and apologized to the House. ...
  • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to John G. Doherty, 28 April 1975 

    Doherty, John G. (2015-02-04)
    A letter from Sean O'Sullivan to John G. Doherty, editor of The Spectator, 28 April 1975. The letter includes comments from O'Sullivan regarding the direction of the Progressive Conservative Party.
  • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to Richard Nixon, 20 December 1975 

    O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-02-05)
    A brief letter from Sean O'Sullivan to Richard Nixon, 20 December 1975. O'Sullivan thanks Nixon for a meeting they had in San Clemente, California. O'Sullivan remarks "It is my hope that the future will permit us to work ...
  • Letter - Sergio Marchi to Donald Ziraldo, 1999 

    Marchi, Sergio (2014-03-20)
  • Letter - The Ontario Paper Co. Limited to Mr. Arthur A. Schmon, 1949 

    The Ontario Paper Company (1949-08-15)
    A letter from The Ontario Paper Co., Limited of Thorold, Ontario. The letter, dated 15 August 1949, celebrates the Thirtieth Anniversary of association between Arthur A. Schmon and the paper company. The letter praises ...
  • Letter - Thomas A. Woodruff to "Woodruff" 

    Woodruff, Thomas A. (n.d.)
    Letter from Dr. Thomas A. Woodruff of New London Connecticut (2 pages). The salutation on the letter is Dear Woodruff. The letter states that the Lord Mayor of London during the reign of Queen Elizabeth was Sir Frederick ...
  • Letter - Thomas H. Johnson to Samuel D. Woodruff 

    Unknown author (1872-10-16)
    Letter from Thomas H. Johnson, Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Crown Lands to Samuel D. Woodruff acknowledging receipt of payment for lumber lands no. 192 and 198, Oct. 16, 1872.
  • Letter - Thomas Secord to Messrs. Woodruff and Woodruff 

    Secord, Thomas (1849-07-31)
    Letter to Messrs. Woodruff and Woodruff of St. Catharines from Thomas Secord of St. Catharines who was applying for the job of a clerk. He states that he would like to make $15 a month plus board, July 31, 1849.
  • Letter - Victor K. Copps to Sean O'Sullivan, 9 December 1963 

    Copps, Victor K. (2015-01-29)
    A letter from Hamilton Mayor, Victor K. Copps, stating that he received a letter from Mr. O'Sullivan inviting him to a show at his school. Mr. O'Sullivan would have been about 11 years at the time. The Mayor plans to ...
  • Letter - Wilfrid Laurier to A. Munro Grier, 18 September 1901 

    Laurier, Wilfrid (2013-05-30)
    A letter from Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier to A. Munro Grier regarding an invitation to His Royal Highness. This is possibly referencing the Royal visit of the Duke of Cornwall in the year 1901. The Royals were due to ...
  • Letter - William Lyon Mackenzie King (Deputy Minister of Labour) to The Niagara Power Company, 5 October 1903 

    Mackenzie King, William Lyon (2013-05-29)
    A letter from William Lyon Mackenzie King to The Niagara Power Company in the year 1903. Mackenzie King is Deputy Minister of Labour for the Department of Labour Canada and in this letter he discusses issues with importing ...
  • Letter - William Young to James Woodruff 

    Young, William (1847-02-03)
    Letter to James D. Woodruff at the Welland Canal, St. Catharines. The letter is postmarked Philadelphia [date illegible] and Queenston, Feb. 7, 1847. In this letter William Young of Philadelphia describes some of the ...
  • Letter [to Dexter Deverardo from S.D. Woodruff] 

    Unknown author (1855-04-07)
    Letter [to Dexter Deverardo from S.D. Woodruff] discussing Mr. Cook’s and Mr. Misener’s calculations (2 ½ pages, handwritten), Apr. 7, 1855.