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  • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, Thursday P.M.(2) 

    Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-13)
    The letter mentions a snow storm that came through Eastern Canada and "cripples" the telegraph wires. She also mentions heading to Shelter Bay around December. This letter has no date.
  • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, Tuesday A.M. 

    Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-12)
    The letter mentions that Arthur was supposed to arrive, but did not. The letter mentions evangelist Billy Sunday. She also mentions the authors she has been reading: Hood, Emerson, Wordsworth and Byron. Eleanore Celeste ...
  • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, Tuesday P.M. 

    Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-12)
    The letter reads:"Daddy dearie I have been so blue and homesick to-day that I could have cried my eyes out. Oh! Sweetheart, will the time ever come for that ice breaker to go down? I love you so and miss you so that ...
  • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, Wednesday A.M. 

    Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-12)
    The letter mentions an event that Arthur has been invited to, so Eleanore Celeste has been asked to accompany him. There is no mention of a date for the event or the letter.
  • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, Wednesday P.M. 

    Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-12)
    Eleanore Celeste writes that she is waiting for her "big sister to dismiss two bad boys, then we are going down town shopping". This letter is incomplete and undated.
  • Letter - Earl Grey (Sir Albert Henry George Grey) to Ethelwyn Wetherald, 2 January 1909 

    Grey, Earl (2013-05-22)
    A letter from Earl Grey (Sir Albert Henry George Grey) Governor General of Canada to Wetherald discusses her 1907 publication The Last Robin: Lyrics and Sonnets.
  • Letter - Ed Broadbent to Donald Ziraldo, 1987 

    Broadbent, John Edward (2014-03-20)
  • Letter - F. Nicholls to W.B. Rankine, 17 January 1902 

    Nicholls, Frederic (2013-06-05)
    A letter from Second V.P. Frederic Nicholls of Canadian General Electric Co. to W.B. Rankine in regards to transformers. The Canadian Niagara Power Co. has agreed to an order of nine transformers (1250 Killowatt) to be ...
  • Letter - Frederic Nicholls (Canadian General Electric) to W.B. Rankine, 17 December 1897 

    Nicholls, Frederic (2013-05-31)
    A letter from 2nd Vice President and General Manager of Canadian General Electric Company, Frederic Nicholls to W. B. Rankine regarding a bid for contract. The letter mentions that the bid for two alternating generators ...
  • Letter - Gus Schmon to Eleanore Celeste Schmon 

    Schmon, Gus (2014-11-12)
    Eleanore Celeste's brother-in-law, Gus, is writing to her from Pennsylvania. He has work there and states "My work is interesting and a big chance to learn things out here." He also mentions that he travels to Philly ...
  • Letter - H. Elliot to "my dear cousin" 

    Elliot, H. (1852)
    A letter that appears to be sent from Hugh Elliot to his "dear cousin". The letter is two pages.
  • Letter - Henry O'Laughlin to H.K. Woodruff 

    O'Laughlin, Henry (1883-03-14)
    Letter from Henry O’Laughlin, secretary of the Central Fire Station of St. Catharines, Ont. to H.K. Woodruff informing him that he was elected as an active member of the Citizens’ Hose Co. No. 1, March 14, 1883.
  • Letter - Howard Helliwell to S.D. Woodruff 

    Helliwell, Howard (1886-10-02)
    Letter with letterhead “Sylvester Neelon, Vessel and Steamboat Owner, Merchant Miller and Manufacturer of Ship Timber” addressed to S.D. Woodruff regarding the pew at St. George’s Church. “This pew which was owned by ...
  • Letter - Ian Green to Sean O'Sullivan, July 1977 

    Green, Ian; O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-02-05)
    A correspondence between Ian Green and Sean O'Sullivan from July 1977. The first letter is from 4 July 1977 from Sean O'Sullivan, titled "The Nation's Business". He requests a discussion about "Caucus morale". O'Sullivan ...
  • Letter - J. M. Bromley to A. M. Grier, 1 November 1906 

    Bromley, J. M. (2013-06-06)
    A letter from J. M. Bromley regarding the commission of the seal for the Canadian Niagara Power Company.
  • Letter - J.M. Crysler to H.K. Woodruff 

    Unknown author (1922-03-13)
    Letter to H.K. Woodruff from J.M. Crysler, secretary treasurer of the St. David’s cemetery committee. He received Mr. Woodruff’s cheque to put the lots in proper condition and spoke to Rigg Brothers of Niagara Falls ...
  • Letter - James Wilson to Colonel Albert D. Shaw, 29 February 1892 

    Wilson, James (2013-05-30)
    A letter from James Wilson, Park Superintendent to Albert D. Shaw in the year 1892. Wilson describes plans to produce hydroelectric power using Niagara Falls. He details advantages to the plan in this five page correspondence ...
  • Letter - Jean Chretien to Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling, 2003 

    Chretien, Jean (2003-04-11)
    A letter from Prime Minister Jean Chretien to Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling, in congratulations of her appointment as a Member of the Order of Canada.
  • Letter - John Diefenbaker to Sean O'Sullivan, 10 September 1965 

    Diefenbaker, John (2015-02-11)
    A letter from John Diefenbaker, 10 September 1965. It reads "I was delighted with your letter. Your loyalty is surpassed only by your enthusiasm. I hope all of our friends will work as hard as I know you will, and if ...
  • Letter - John Diefenbaker to Sean O'Sullivan, 17 November 1967 

    Diefenbaker, John (2015-01-28)
    The letter mentions that Diefenbaker had just received a letter from O'Sullivan. Diefenbaker mentions that he will be leaving for New York where he will be honoured with the Shevchenko award at the World Conference of ...