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  • Hansler Indenture Daniel Robins to George Hansil, 1814 

    Unknown author (2013-10-02)
    Indenture of property in Wainfleet between Daniel Robins of Township of Thorold and George Hansel of the township of Pelham. The cost to Hansel for the purchase was 40 pounds.
  • Hardcover notebook with the name Margaret J. Woodruff inside the front cove 

    Unknown author (1910)
    Hardcover notebook with the name Margaret J. Woodruff inside the front cover. The notebook contains lists of items such as china, glass, silver and pewter. Farther on in the book there are names of various women connected ...
  • Hardcover recipe book containing handwritten recipes 

    Unknown author (1888-05-21)
    Hardcover recipe book containing handwritten recipes. Most of the recipes are loose within the book and some of the pages have been torn out. The inner cover has the name Isabel Woodruff, May 21, 1888.
  • Hardcover recipe book with Welland D. Woodruff 

    Unknown author (1881)
    Hardcover recipe book with Welland D. Woodruff, St. Catharines, March 1st, 1881 written in the back cover and Welland D. Woodruff’s name is also on the cover. The book is falling apart and most of the pages are loose. ...
  • Harrison Hall (January 1999) 

    Unknown author (2009-03-03)
    Harrison Hall holds the new Student Health Centre and Athletic Therapy Clinic. The centre provides the University's Health Services Department with a greater amount of space for students and staff, and the building is ...
  • Harrison Hall Opening (January 1999) 

    Unknown author (2009-02-11)
    The people involved in opening Harrison Hall.
  • Haswell's Engineers' and Mechanics' Pocket-Book 

    Unknown author (1844)
    The book is bound in a leather case with a clasp in the front. Inside is printed "S.D. Woodruff, St. Catharines, C.W." in the front of the book and there is a label which says "Band, 74 De Vere Gardens, Toronto 20, Ontario". ...
  • Heading In 

    Unknown author (2009-02-12)
    The Men's Lightweight varsity crew of 1968-69 coming in from practice.
  • Health-Enhancing Physical Activity and Well-Being: Is it How Often, How Long, or How Much Effort that Matters? A Test of Basic Psychological Needs Theory 

    Sylvester, Benjamin (Brock University, 2011-10-06)
    The primary objectives of the present study were 1) to examine the relationship between health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) and well-being across the previous day and 2) to examine the role of basic psychological ...
  • Health-related learning needs and interests of selected non-institutionalized elderly 

    Bradley, Mary Joan. (Brock University, 1990-07-09)
    The research question in this study was "How do the noninstitutionalized elderly in the Hamilton-Wentworth Region perceive their learning needs and interests related to health?" The theoretical foundations of instruction ...
  • Health-related quality of life among patients attending cardiovascular rehabilitation 

    Batey, Brandon (Brock University, 2011-05-17)
    Purpose: f i rst , an investigation of baseline differences in Health-Related Quality of l i fe (HRQOl) among adhere and non-adhere patients of Phase III cardiac rehabilitation (CR) was examined. Second, among ...
  • Heats of formation of some hydrates /|nA. Phillipson. -- 260 St. Catharines, Ont. : [s. n.], 

    Phillipson, A. (Brock University, 1972-07-09)
    A great deal of data on the heats of formation of various hydrates has been compiled i n the J.A.N.A.F. and other tables such as the National Bureau of Standards circulars. Comparison of the heat of f ormation of a ...
  • Hedges & Butler Advertisement 

    Unknown author (1891-06-27)
    An advertisement for Hedges & Butler, Wine Merchants to the Queen, in London, England. The advertisement lists the prices for: Sherries, Ports, Clarets, Champagnes, Burgundies, and Madeiras.
  • Heidegger on the way of thinking 

    Moi, Shawn. (Brock University, 2005-05-21)
    This thesis attempts to clarify what Heidegger meant by the term "thinking" (Denken), where this ^'meanr is submitted in the double sense: firstly, in the sense of what Heidegger intended by the use and exposition of ...
  • Heidegger's tragic Greeks : the relation between presence and deinon 

    MacDonald, John. (Brock University, 2002-07-14)
    Martin Heidegger's interpretation of the ancients was born out of something like a crisis in the interpretation of the Greeks, which can be characterized as nothing other than the realization of the idea that the Greek ...
  • Helping Youth Venture Into Volunteerism: A Resource for Ontario Secondary School Educators 

    Benko, Katherine (2014-12-23)
    This study sought to create a curriculum resource for Ontario secondary school educators that addresses the inadequate preparation of students prior to their involvement in community service. Specifically, Helping Youth ...
  • Hendershot & Brother - Vignette 

    Tremaine, Geo. R.; Tremaine, G.M. (2013-06-26)
    A vignette of the Hendershot & Brother Store, "dealers of dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots & shoes, iron and steel, dealers in grain and farmer's produce". The proprietors are Paul H. Hendershott and Abraham Hendershott ...
  • Henley Bridge blueprints, 1939 [photocopies] 

    Cameron, Chantal (2015-02-23)
    Four pages of photocopied blueprints of the Henley Bridge on the Queen Elizabeth Way in St. Catharines, Ontario. A note below the title indicates the bridge was opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on June 7, 1939. Three ...
  • Henry Hope & Sons of Canada Ltd. Letter, 1916 

    Williams, Edie (2010-09-21)
    1 letter
  • Herb de Bray 

    Unknown author (2009-03-03)
    Herb de Bray standing in the yet to be filled Olympic sized swimming pool.