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  • Gathering Library data and creating visualizations the easy way! 

    Ribaric, Tim (2018-02-02)
    Statistics and visualizations are important tools Libraries use to tell their stories. This poster will present a statistics capturing and display package that runs on the bare minimum: Google Forms, D3, and HTML. The ...
  • Surgite Fall 2005 

    Brock University (2005)
    Publication of Surgite for Fall 2005. The contents are: Silver Badger, Faculty of Education, Brock Days, Spring Convocation, AlumNews, Alumni Association, Hall of Fame.
  • Surgite Summer 2005 

    Brock University (2005)
    Publication of Surgite for Summer 2005. The contents are:New appointments, Brock Days, Alumni Association, AlumNews, New graduate programs, Co-op anniversary, Paddling for charity.
  • Surgite Spring 2005 

    Brock University (2005)
    Publication of Surgite for Spring 2005. The contents are: Collaboration flourishes, New research centre, Alumni Association, AlumNews, Snapshot, Grad reserach success, OUA award.
  • Surgite Winter 2005 

    Brock University (2005)
    Publication of Surgite for Winter 2005. The contents are: Record enrolment, Alumni Association news, Brock Days, Fall Convocation, AlumNews, Time capsule, Rowing coach.

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